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A Network of Grace

A non-profit powered by a network of gracists who are making disciples of the unadulterated gospel.

Why give to Revere Network?

The Problem

The West's presentation of the gospel is becoming increasingly convoluted, powerless, and burdensome. Religion offers nothing and takes everything.

The Vision

Our vision is to equip and empower a body of believers and see them devote themselves to the explicit gospel. 

The Answer

This fund puts every dollar into building our network, paying our faculty, and resourcing pastors and leaders across the globe whose mission is to make disciples. 

This is where you 
come in.

We believe RevNet to be foundational to a recovery of the
uncomplicated gospel. You can Recover the Gospel by partnering
financially to accomplish these initiatives: 


Grow the Network

Financing for the administration, filming, production and completion of our free ever-growing library with remuneration for the faculty & staff

Resource the Local Church

Expand the reach of Revere's Network through partnering with local pastors and leaders, by sowing seed, sponsoring church plants, and ministerial mentorship.

Subtitles and Translations

Generation of English subtitles for increased accessibility. Translation of video content captions into Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Mandarin, etc.

How to give to Revere Network?

Mail a Check

PO Box 579
Quitman, AR 72131

Text an Amount

Text your amount to
+1 (951) 338-9411

Give Directly

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Giving Through Revere Network

What Are We Raising Money For?

Connecting the Grace of God to the local church in every city of the US

We are raising money to partner with local churches and create a network of grace preachers.

How Are We Handling Finances?

Revere Network is a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization and as such is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions. To request a W-9, please contact

We are accepting donations through Kindrid, Subsplash, and Easy Tithe. Donors will have access to financial reports.

Why Do We Need To Ask For Money?

We have to finish building our site, filming & curriculum production, and translate our content with the ongoing costs of faculty, administration, web development, and networking. So far we’ve relied on the generosity of faculty and staff to build the Network free of charge, but they’ve sown in hope that the mission would be taken on by local churches who see the vision and desire to partner with us.

How Much Money Will It Take To Build the Network?

Our Phase 1 goal is to raise 10 Million Dollars for the National Revere Network Project in order to connect pastors from around America with each other and the grace of God.

How Can I Make A Difference?

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